BLT Youth Troupe
A Christmas Variety Show
"Something For Santa" by Sonia Arnold -------------- Abbey Arnold,
                             Molly Brewer and Andy Thompson
"The Unhappy Fir Trees" ---------------------------------- Patrick O'Rouark,
                            Tristen Pelietier, Megan Owen,
                            Andy Thompson and Kayla Owen
"Uncle Santa" by Ruth Van Gorder --------------------- Jaclyn Stacy
                            and Molly Brewer
"Singing Christmas Cards" by Jack Preletsky --------- Abbey Arnold       
"My Tummy's Feeling Terrible" by Sonia Arnold ---- Molly Brewer
"The Groaning Board" ------------------------------------- Andy Thompson
"Shining Up My Halo" by Aileen Fisher,
                            music by Sonia Arnold ------- BCT Ensemble
"A Visit From St. Cynic" by Wiley Miller -------------- Madeline McKeller,
                            Jaclyn Stacy, Molly Brewer, Abbey Arnold,
                            Zac Thompson, Andy Thompson, Luke Pelietier,
                            Cody Pelietier and Patrick O'Rouark
"Ode To The Tree" by Sonia Arnold -------------------- BCT Ensemble
                            Musical accompaniment created by Sonia Arnold
"The Story Of The Twelve Days Of Christmas" by L. E. McCollough
                            Adaptation by Sonia Arnold --- Jaclyn Stacy (
                            Madeline McKeller (
Princess Harmonica),
                            Abbey Arnold (
Myopia), Zac Thompson (Prince Hasalot),
                            Patrick O'Rouark (
Flaccido), Cody Pelietier (Flamingo)
Photos by Joe Carvajal