The Spitfire Grill
A Musical

Music by James Valcq.  Lyrics by Fred Alley
Directed by Gene O'Hare
Musical Director: J. R. Rhodes
Choreographer: Diane Williams
Producer: Lyn French O'Hare
Stage Manager: Maggie London
At the Barn Theater, Brevard College, Aug. 25 - Sept. 11, 2005   

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Cast/Crew/BLT Board
Benefit Show for Hurricane Relief

About the Show
When Percy Talbott, a young woman with an uncertain past, comes to Gilead,
Wisconsin, she simply wants a quiet, obscure place to start anew.  She finds a job
working in Hannah's Spitfire Grill.  The grill is for sale but there are no takers in
the depressed town, so Percy suggests a raffle which requires a $100 entry fee
plus an essay on why you want the grill.  Soon, entries come in by the
wheelbarrow full, and things are definitely cookin' at the Spitfire Grill as Percy
breathes life into the dying town, its residents and herself.  It's one of the most
heartfelt and radiant musicals of recent years, and its homespun charms are as
inviting as a warm winter blanket.
USA Today says it has "some of the most
infectious and soaring country-flavored melodies, which will cause the city
slickers in the audience to want to enter the raffle themselves."

The Cast:
Laine Lewis (Percy),  Kathleen Healy-Schmieder (Hannah),
Mark Thompson (Joe),  Terri Owen Upton (Shelby),  Carol Hamann (Effy),
Art Williams (Caleb) and Howard "Waldo" McQuaid (The Visitor.)
Gene O'Hare
L. to R. -- Howard McQuaid, Laine Lewis, Mark Thompson,
Kathleen Healey-Schmeider
Art Williams, Carol Hamann and Terri Owen Upton