Part of the following paragraph was inadvertently left out of the review as published:

" His love song, 'Why Did You Make Me Love You?' is a pleasure to listen to and his
1920s styling is right on target!  Last, but by no means least, are the Swindle sisters,
Azilee, Mabel and Maude, played to a 'T' by Bob Stacy, Dick Seiler and Jim Phillips.  
Their audience-pleasing song, 'Buster, He's A Hot Dog Now,' is one of the
highlights of the show.   I could describe each one of these characters, but frankly
they are all so good it would take much too long and ruin the fun.  Let me just say
that if you miss them, and this show -- you've missed the best summer treat you're
likely to find anywhere in the area."

See Cheryl Walkup's Letter to the Editor (below ....)
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