Phillip Lewis

Phil Lewis was born near Tabor City, North Carolina, on a farm cleared by his
parents, in a house built by his father.  He describes his parents as industrious,
forthright people who married during the Great Depression, and says they were
"rich in love, hope and a sense of humor."  Both parents' families had lived in the
adjoining counties of Horry (in South Carolina) and Columbus (in North
Carolina) for several generations.

Phil left this very stable home to get his BA in Aerospace Engineering at NCSU.  
His subsequent education included a year in engineering graduate school and
three years at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, where his interest in
writing was born when he discovered the power that stories had to change
perceptions and arouse hope.  Another strong influence came from his father, an
inveterate scribbler, speaker and wit, who over the years wrote humor columns, a
book of poetry and two novels set in Horry County.

Phil is an actor who has appeared in such dramas as
Julius Caesar (Brutus), To
Kill A Mockingbird
(Bob Ewell) and Inherit The Wind (Rev. Brown.)  
However, he prefers musicals, having sung in
Forever Plaid (Smudge), HMS
(Dick Deadeye) and A Little Night Music (Fredrik Egerman.)  
Needless to say, this association with theater turned his interest toward
playwriting.  He says he is very lucky to have a circle of friends (including
teachers, actors and directors) who like to read and discuss plays.

Phil says he does Sudoku at the "Evil" level and adds that he also won the
four-suit level of Spider Solitaire twice, after which he quickly retired in victory.