Grace & Glorie
by Tom Ziegler
Directed by Alan Edick
The Barn Theater, Brevard College
April 30 - May 16, 2004
This two-character comedy/drama by Tom Ziegler, set in the Blue Ridge Mountains of
Virginia, is about a feisty 90-year-old lady and a young volunteer hospice worker who
has come to take care of her.  This popular, sentimental favorite offers a steady stream
of easy laughs and conversations on such topics as religious faith, loss of children,
difficulties of marriage and the problems faced by many women.

This play was first presented in an August, 1990, workshop at the Shenandoah Valley
Playwright Retreat.  It was first produced, under the title "Apple Dreams," by the
Jacksonville State University Drama Department in Jacksonville, Alabama, in October,

This BLT production of "Grace & Glorie" is replacing "Beau Jest," which could not be
cast.  We're confident our patrons will thoroughly enjoy this charming play.

The Cast:     Carol Kauppert
(Grace)   Kathleen Healy-Schmieder (Glorie)
About the Play
Carol Kauppert with (left to right) Kathleen Healy-Schmeider,
Director Alan Edick and Stage Manager Rose Stone.
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