The Fantasticks
A Musical Comedy
Music: Harvey Schmidt    Lyrics & Book: Tom Jones
Aug. 15-17, Aug. 22-24, Aug. 29-31, 2003  
The Barn Theater, Brevard College
Sold Out!  Held Over!  Sept. 5 & Sept. 6
Director:   Alan Edick            
Musical Director:   Dede Hunter        
Choreographer:   Celeste Thorington       
Accompanist:   Sam Cope  
Stage Manager: Christine Yaxley
Cast of Characters:
MATT -- An innocent, romantic, kind fellow (Daniel Nelson).
LUISA  -- An energetic, idealistic girl with an active imagination (Kristina Todd).
EL GALLO -- The handsome, brave narrator and dashing hero ( Ray Bennie).
BELLOMY -- An avid gardener who wants his daughter to fall in love with Matt
(Dave Gibbs).
HUCKLEBEE -- An avid gardener who wants his son to fall in love with Luisa
(Marvin Barg).
HENRY -- An elderly, exagerrated thespian (Frank Batchelor).
MORTIMER  -- The sidekick of Henry (Art Williams).
THE MUTE  -- An observer who is a dancing mime ( Michele Barg).
About the Show
Two fathers decide that they want their children to fall in love.  The girl, Luisa, is
a daydreamer with an active imagination.  The boy, Matt, is a romantic.  The two
fathers decide to instigate a mock feud amongst themselves in order to help the
boy and girl fall in love.  They figure that this feud will give them the excuse to
say no to the relationship, which of course will simply encourage the children's
love even more.  The fathers go so far as to hire El Gallo to stage a mock
abduction of Luisa, in which Matt can become a hero and save her.  After this
madcap action, Luisa and Matt fall deeply in love.  Soon enough, the children
realize their parents staged the feud and their love fades away.  After both
undergo a little "life experience" on their own and are hurt by it, they reunite once
again with much less drama.
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