David's Mother -- a poignant drama by Bob Randall
Directed by Bob & June Stacy

Morrison Playhouse
Porter Center for the Performing Arts
Brevard College
June 30 - July 9, 2006


Natalie Broadway
Ray Huth (David)
Mary Stepp (Gladys)
Kathleen Healy-Schmieder (Bea)
Gillie Roberts (Susan)
Fred Justice (Phillip)
Allie Cagen (Justine)
Ray Bennie (John)

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A single mother raising a developmentally disabled son pays a heavy price for
her devotion in this gripping story, Bob Randall's unsentimental look at the dark
side of self-sacrifice.  The mother's refusal to send her son off to an institution
has already cost her the affections of her husband and daughter, not because their
demands were unreasonable but because they simply wanted some of the time
and caring that she reserved exclusively for her son David.  She seems headed
for a repeat performance when her sister tries to fix her up with a kind widower.

The play peels away the mother's layers of self-protective insulation, forcing her
to the painful recognition that her "nurturing" is smothering any chance for
David's growth.  Posing a dilemma refreshingly free of villains and unrealistic
David's Mother finds compelling drama in the unglamorous challenges
of real life.

Variety said, "This laugh-out-loud, cry-out-loud play tackles a difficult subject
honestly, with enough humor and enough pain to bring much of the audience to

"A fresh look at self-sacrifice." -- Philip Brandes,
The Los Angeles Times

This powerful play is an adult comedy/drama and not suitable for children.
Photos by Joe Carvajal