BLT Christmas Show, 2006
The Morrison Playhouse, Porter Center, Brevard College
December 8-9-10 and December 15-16-17
Fridays at 7:30 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday matinees at 3 p.m.
No Saturday evening performances.
The Gift of the Magi
a one-act play based on the short story by O. Henry
Adapted for the stage and directed by Kathleen Moore.
A young married couple, Jim and Della, are rich in love but otherwise poor.  With
Christmas coming, each longs to buy the other a fitting gift that will express their love.
A classic and enchanting love story for the Yuletide Season.
Daisy Talley (Della),  Matthew Hoxit (Jim),
Darien Aiken
(O. Henry),  Lynn Robards (Madame Sofronie),
Jim Keeley (
Undercover Angel).
Kathleen Moore (Director), Oscar Reiner, Scott Moser (Set Construction),
Matthew Hoxit (Set Painting), Amelia Hupe (Set Crew), Sara Schade (Costumes),
Bob Stacy, Pam Blevins, Karen Shaffer (Sound Design), Liv Peryan (Sound),
Joseph Kaup (Lighting Design), Jim Robards (Lights), Darien Aiken (Poster Design),
Karla Atkinson, Jinks Ramsey, Daisy Talley (Poster Distribution), Maureen Edick,
Marti Aiken, Deb Burger, Paula Johnson, Joe & Karen Narsavage, Alberta Peshkin,
Rose Stone
The Littlest Angel
a one-act musical play by
Joseph Robinette & Diane Leslie
Director:  Sonia Arnold.    
Music Director:  Dede Hunter.
The wonderful, classic and very popular Christmas
story about a little angel who is transformed from
a celestial pest to the toast of the Heavenly Host.
Emily Lumston (Littlest Angel),  Brittany Curtis (Gatekeeper),
Allie Cagen (Understanding Angel),  Andy Thompson (Heavenly Messenger),
Jennie Moser (Divine Music Director),  Hannah Bayne (Majestic Toy Maker),
Katie Mathis (Holy Halosmith),  Brooke Williams (Celestial Wardrobe Mistress),
Tessa Dodson & Alexis Burrell (Celestial Commentators),  Elli Adair (Small Angel),
Taylor Galloway (Celestial Cook),  Matthew Kaufman (Voice of God).
Ellie Rudd (Aurora),  Brooklyn Burrell (Bliss),  Anna Carrillo (Felicity),
Abby McKee (Celeste),  Taylor Williams (Dawn),  Lynsy Folckomer (Starr),
Elli Adair (Gloria),  Samantha Brunelle (Estelita).
Geri Hambley, Bill Hambley, Bob Stacy, Mark Thompson,
Dede Hunter, Sandi Thompson.
Sonia Arnold (Director),  Sandi Thompson (Assistant Director),
Dede Hunter (Music Director), Bill Mashburn (Pianist),
Ann Host & Kathy Bayne (Pianist's Assistants), Jerry Arnold, Matthew Kaufman,
Kay Reynolds, Kelly Brunelle, Sonia Arnold, Sandi Thompson
(Set Crew),
Cindy Rudd, Sandi Thompson (Props),  Patti Rissman (Stage Manager),  
Joseph Kaup (Lighting Design),  Mark Thompson (Lighting Programmer),
Juanelle & Monty Burrell (Light Board Operators),  Ashli Arnold (Sound Effects),
Cindy Rudd (Props Setter),  Sonia Arnold, Sandi Thompson, Parents (Costumes),
Lydia Folckomer, Brittany Cubero, Sonia Arnold, Parents (Makeup),
Darien Aiken (Poster Design),  Karla Atkinson (Poster Distribution),
Marylou Morrison (Volunteers Coordinator),  Joe Carvajal (Photography),
Marvin Barg (House Manager Staffing),  Maureen Edick (Box Office),
Darien Aiken (Publicity, Playbill Editor & Playbill Cover Design),
Joe Carvajal (BLT Website), Karen Noonan (Newsletter Editor)
Nedra Carvajal (Ushers Staffing).                                                                              
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of Directors
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