The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Dunham Auditorium, Brevard College, December 9-18, 2005
This is Barbara Robinson's wonderful holiday story that appeals to all ages, and which
has been delighting audiences all around the country since it made its debut in Seattle,
Washington, in November of 1982.  It's a hilarious romp depicting the efforts of a
woman and her husband to put on the annual Christmas pageant despite having to cast
in the lead roles the horrible Herdman children, probably the meanest, nastiest, most
inventively awful kids in the history of the world.  This heartwarming tale brings home
the Christmas message in a very amusing, and very satisfying, new way.  Despite the
comic mayhem that occurs throughout the show, the pageant is a huge success, due to
the sincere efforts of the Herdman children.  
The Seattle Times called it "One of the
best Christmas shows ever, and certainly one of the funniest."

Father (Bob Bradley) -- Zac Thompson.   Mother (Grace Bradley) -- Allie Cagen.
Beth Bradley -- Kate Treacy.    Charlie Bradley -- Andy Thompson.
Ralph Herdman -- Jason Clark.   Imogene Herdman -- Brittany Curtis.
Leroy Herdman -- Jordan Davis.    Ollie Herdman -- Hannah Field.
Gladys Herdman -- Alexis Burrell.   Alice Wendleken -- Gillie Roberts and
Molly Brewer.    
Maxine -- Tessa Dodson.   Elmer Hopkins -- Barret Davis.
Hobie Clark -- Christian Davis.   Nickie -- Yohana Dierolf.   
Shirley -- Amy Badger.   Claude -- Brooklyn Burrell.   Beverly -- Ellie Rudd.
Juanita -- Jennifer Reaume.  Janet -- Jennifer Badger.   
Reverend Hopkins -- Matthew Kaufmann.    Roberta -- Sierra Orr.    
Women of the Ladies Aid Society:
Mrs. Armstrong -- Meredith Byrd.    Mrs. McCarthy -- Sasha Leiberman.
Mrs. Slocum -- Haley Haynes.   Mrs. Clausing -- Karina Dierolf.
Mrs. Clark -- Abby Arnold.   Mrs. Hopkins -- Tristin Chappell.

Director/Producer -- Sonia Arnold.    Assistant Director -- Sandi Thompson.
Co-Producer -- Marylou Morrison.
Music -- Bill Mashburn, Juanelle Burrell, Dede Hunter.
Set Design -- Sonia Arnold.   Set Construction -- Oscar Reiner, Richard Mackey,
Jim Hardy, Roy Isasi, Al Edick, Joe Carvajal, Kip Bernadas and Marylou
Lights -- Mark Thompson.    Poster Design -- Terry Brewer.
Stage Lighting and Sound Set-up -- Bob Stacy and Joseph Kaup.
BLT Board
Photo by Joe Carvajal