Broadway Bound a comedy by Neil Simon
January 26-February 4, 2007  Cherokee Room Theater, Connestee Falls Clubhouse

Directors:   Ray Bennie
          Kathleen Healy-Schmieder
Left to Right:  Michele Barg,  Bob Stacy,  Jayson Clark,  John Denlea,
Gene O'Hare,  Ray Huth,  Merylee Band,  Doug Huth
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About the Show
The time is shortly after the end of World War II.  Brothers Stanley and Eugene have
both been soldiers and are now home with their parents in their Brooklyn house.  Aunt
Blanche has long ago left the house, and married a man who has gone on to great
business success.  She is now very wealthy.  Kate resents her sister's good fortune and it
is one of the sources of tension between them.  Meanwhile, the somewhat senile
grandfather Ben now lives with the family.  He is an old socialist and can be lucid for
long moments during the play.  Jack has had an affair with a woman of greater education
and level of culture than Kate, and Kate finds out about it during the play.  In one of the
show's big scenes, Eugene talks to Kate about her past, and she tells him about once
dancing with movie star George Raft while he was still a young man in Brooklyn, before
he made it in Hollywood.  Played against all this is the growing success of Stan and
Eugene in show business, writing comedy routines for a radio program broadcast in
Manhattan.  Another big scene is when their first comedy skit airs on the radio, with the
family members listening, and becoming upset to hear a comic rendition of their personal
trials and tribulations  The sketch is a take on a Brooklyn family, much like their own
(and Neil Simon's, in this autobiographical comedy.)  
The New York Daily News called
the play "Expectedly funny and unexpectedly moving."

Ray Huth
(Stanley Jerome), Jayson Clark (Eugene Jerome), Gene O'Hare (Ben),
Doug Huth (Jack Jerome), Merylee Band (Kate Jerome), Michele Barg (Blanche),
John Denlea (Announcer), Bob Stacy (Chubby Waters), Michele Barg (Mrs. Pitkin)
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