1983 - 1984 Season
Best Actress: Wendy Alderman (Any Wednesday)
Best Actor: Jim Keeley (Morning's At Seven)
Best Supporting Actress: Judy D'Arville (Any
Best Supporting Actor: Hugo Martin (Morning's At
Best Debut Actress: Ruth Reed (The Glass Menagerie)
Best Debut Actor: George Perkins (The Glass
Best Play: "Any Wednesday" (Nadine Huters, Director)
Service Award: Cheryl Walkup
Technical Award: Robert and Sue Cilley
1984 - 1985 Season
Best Actress: Pegge Strandbergh (The Girls In 509)
Best Actor: John Von Stein (The Good Doctor)
Best Supporting Actress: Ruth Reed (The Good Doctor)
Best Supporting Actor: David Holcombe (The Girls In 509)
Best Debut Actress: Edith Hook (Night Watch)
Best Debut Actor: Tom Bindrim (Night Watch)
Best Character Actress: Pat McDermott (The Good Doctor)
Best Character Actor: John Hernandez (The Good Doctor)
Service Award: Keith Stevens
Technical Award: Shirley Merrell
1985 - 1986 Season
1986 - 1987 Season
1987 - 1988 Season
Best Actress: Wendy Alderman (Crimes Of The Heart)
Best Actor: John Hernandez (Unhealthy To Be Unfriendly)
Best Supporting Actress: Julie Chostiner (Crimes Of The Heart)
Best Supporting Actor: Ted von Allworden (UTBU)
Best Debut Actress: Babe McGrath (Crimes Of The Heart)
Best Debut Actor: Kevin Brinkley (Catch Me If You Can)
Best Character Actress: Cheryl Walkup (UTBU)
Best Character Actor: John Hernandez (Catch Me If You Can)
Service Award: Hugo Martin
Technical Award: Joe Potts
Beulah Zachary Award: Sue Cilley
1988 - 1989 Season
Best Actress: Dodie Jerz (A Bad Year For Tomatoes)
Best Actor: John Hernandez (The Very Great Grandson Of Sherlock Holmes)
Best Supporting Actress: Helen Graham
Best Supporting Actor: Jim Keeley (The Very Great Grandson Of Sherlock
Best Debut Actor: Gary Gardin
Best Character Actress: Jennie Latimer (Lo And Behold)
Best Character Actor: Tom Bindrim (Lo And Behold)
Service Award: Jake Nissley
Technical Award: John Daugherty
Beulah Zachary Award: Sue Cilley
1989 - 1990 Season
1990 - 1991 Season
Best Actor: Joe Bruneau
Best Actress:  Patricia DePra (Steel Maagnolias)
Best Supporting Actress:
Cheryl Walkup (Steel Magnolias)
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Service Award: Ted von Allworden
Technical Award: Robert Cilley
Joe Carvajal
Pegge Strandbergh
Jim Keeley
Jennie Latimer
1992 - 1993 Season
Best Actress:  Patricia White (Exit The Body)
Best Actor:  Joe Carvajal (The Night Of January 16th)
Best Actress in a Major Role:  Diane Plott (The Night of January 16th)
Best Character Actor:  Gene O'Hare (A Thurber Carnival)
Best Character Actress:  Helen Graham (A Thurber Carnival)
Best Debut Actress:  Jill Lusby (The Night of January 16th)
Best Debut Actor:  Ed Nicholson (The Night of January 16)
Other BLT Award Winners: Ted & Wanda von Allworden, Rick Jennings,
Jeanette Austin
Best Actress:  Pegge Strandbergh (40 Carats)
Best Debut Actress:
Patricia White (40 Carats)
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Best Actress: Patricia White (The Best Of Friends)  No other data
Patricia White
1993 - 1994 Season
Gene O'Hare
(No data found....)
1991 - 1992 Season
Best Actress: Carolyn Schroeder (Funny Valentines)
Best Actor: Blaque Fowler (The Business Of Murder)
Best Supporting Actress: Jennie Latimer (The Business Of Murder)
Best Supporting Actor: Val Palmer (The Business Of Murder)
Best Debut Actor: Joe Carvajal (Mr. Angel)
Best Character Actress (tie): Patricia DePra (Mr. Angel)
Youth Acting Awards: Brittany Whitmire and Zahra Loke (Mr. Angel)
Best Character Actress: Vicki Johnson Hickman (Funny Valentines)
Cheryl Walkup
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