1974 - 1975 Season
Best Actor: Bill Bush
Best Actress: Berry Pidgeon
Best Supporting Actor: Mike Vaniman
Best Supporting Actress: Tia Landon
Best Debut Actor: John Sinclair
Best Character Actor: Lois Lambing
Best Youth Actor: Doug Norton
President's Award: Tia Landon
Service Award: Agnes Wilson
Technical Award for Set Design: Jim Dexter
1975 - 1976 Season
Best Actress: Pat Fuleihan
Best Actor: Jim Keeley
Best Debut Performance: David Holcombe
Best Character Actress: Jackie Richards
Best Character Actor: Charlie Hines
Best Youth Actress: Barbara Caldwell
Beulah Zachary Award: Nadine Huters
Best Summer Production: Mike Vaniman
1976 - 1977 Season
1977 - 1978 Season
1978 - 1979 Season
1979 - 1980 Season
Best Actor: Ron Daniels
Best Actress: Judy D'Arville
Best Supporting Actor: John von Stein
Best Character Actress: Debra Shilling
Best Debut Performance: Will Irby
Beulah Zachary Award: Pat Fuleihan
Service Award: Shirley Minell
Service Award: Alice Roye
Technical Award: Ken Rivenbak
Best Actress: Debra Shilling
Best Actor: David Holcombe
Best Supporting Actress: Judy D'Arville
Best Supporting Actor: Jim Alderman
Best Character Actor: Hugh Erikson
Best Debut Performance: Bill Wilson
President's Award: Paula Benton
Best Play (The Man Who Came To Dinner): Nadine Huters, Director
Best Actor: Jim Alderman
Best Actress: Wendy Alderman
Best Supporting Actor: John von Stein
Best Character Actor: Robert Cilley
Best Character Actress: Judy D'Arville
Best Debut Performance: Ed Miller
Beulah Zachary Award: Jim Keeley
Service Award: Debra Shilling
Technical Award: Shirley Murvell
1980 - 1981 Season
1981 - 1982 Season
Best Actor: David Holcombe (Life With Father)
Best Actress: Liz Yehling (Lilies Of The Field)
Best Supporting Actor: Mark Alvin (Lilies Of The Field)
Best Supporting Actress: Melanie Mather (Life With Father)
Best Character Actor: Paul Welch, III (Lilies Of The Field)
Best Debut Actor:
Marion Boatwright (Lilies Of The Field)
Best Play: "Lilies Of The Field" (Nadine Huters, Director)
Service Award: Cynthia Brummett
Technical Award: Sue Cilley
Youth Award: Neil Warren (Life With Father)
1982 - 1983 Season
Best Actress: Pegge Strandbergh (Harvey)
Best Actor: Joe Potts (Fools)
Best Supporting Actor: John Von Stein (Fools)
Best Supporting Actress: Louisa Cartledge (Fools)
Best Character Actress: Sue Cilley (The Mousetrap)
Best Debut Actor: Bill Jones (The Mousetrap)
Best Debut Actress: Connie Cope (Fools)
Technical Award: Robert Cilley
Service Award: David Holcombe
Sue Cilley
Joe Potts
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