Jacqueline Renee Ahl

Daughter of a painter and a hang glider pilot, Jacqueline Ahl is currently an
Adjunct in the English Department at the State University of New York at New
Paltz, where she earned a BA in Creative Writing for the Theater with a Minor in
Philosophy in August 1998.  She is the Tutoring Facilitator for Dutchess County
Community College and served as Director of the SUNY New Paltz Creative
Writing Mentoring Program from 2000 to 2005, working with emerging writers in
the areas of fiction, poetry, playwriting and screenwriting.  After spending her
undergraduate summers wielding a nail gun and building props, sets and an
outdoor stage for the SUNY New Paltz Summer Repertory Theatre, she now
teaches writing and improv as an Academic Consultant for Vassar's Summer
Institute for the Gifted.  Jacqueline is a member of the William Vasse Poetry
Board at SUNY New Paltz and serves as Executive Grantwriter for Arts for
Peace, a local organization of artists and activists.  She is also Co-Editor of
Patriot Axe: Poems of Protest From the Hudson Valley and Beyond, a
forthcoming anthology of peace and social justice poetry, and is anticipating the
release of her first poetry CD,
Underdog Lovely.  Recipient of the American
Mensa Education and Research Foundation's Karen Cooper Memorial
Scholarship, Jacqueline's areas of teaching and research interest are modern
poetry and drama, existentialism and creative theory.  She has been a featured
reader at many Hudson Valley events and venues, including Poetry on the Loose,
The "Calling All Poets" reading series, and Arts on the Bridge.  Her play,
, originally written for a Dramatic Writing class in 1998, was unearthed
along with a renewed interest in the absurdist works of Pinter, Beckett, Genet,
Ionesco and Sartre.  She is most interested in pieces which bridge the genres of
poetry and drama, and is currently working on a series of performance poems for
multiple voices.

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