Abiding Place
A drama by Phillip Lewis, Winner of BLT's
2005 New-Play Competition  
(see One-Act Play Winner)
May 19-28, 2006  
Morrison Theater
Paul Porter Center for the Performing Arts
Brevard College

Directed by Eugene O'Hare
Co-Producers:  Maggie Miller & Marylou Morrison
Stage Manager:  Maggie Miller                

THE CAST                                              
Dan Clancy (
Carver Edge)
Paula Johnson (
Alma Edge)
Hawk D'Onofrio (
Nathaniel Edge)
Daisy Talley (
Sanatha Miliken)
Jerry Coggins (
Sheriff Hardee)
Bob Baldridge (
Gaston Thrailkill)
Ed Daigle (
Judge Formyduval)
Darien Aiken (
Preacher Gore)
Joe Narsavage (
Broadus Collins)
Ray Bennie (
Musical Accompanist)

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With Abiding Place, playwright Phillip Lewis tells a powerful and emotional tale, a true
story passed down in his family for generations.  The play is set in Conwayborough,
South Carolina in 1848, and focuses on a small farm bordering the Waccamaw River.

The story relates events in the lives of Carver and Alma Edge who, with their
17-year-old son Nathaniel, struggle to work and purchase their sharecropper farm
through the sale of timber.  Through carefully-crafted opening scenes, the play
establishes how their rafts of cut logs, which are about to be sold as final payment for the
farm, are stolen.  Carver and Nathaniel track down the apparent thief and, following a
confrontation, shoot and kill him.  An immediate trial finds both father and son guilty of
murder and sentenced to be hanged.  A crafty lawyer uncovers extenuating
circumstances of the crime and convinces Carver that he can obtain pardons for both, at
a cost equal to the sale of their recovered logs.  Carver reluctantly agrees and things
move rapidly.  A "kindly" judge releases the son to his father's custody, after being
satisfied that Carver has no way of planting and harvesting his crops without the young
man's help.  The condition of release is that Carver must bring his son back in October --
to be hanged!

The play proceeds to unveil the multifaceted emotional, spiritual and ethical dilemmas
created by these bizarre, but factual, events.
Phil Lewis
(Bio Sketch)
Gene O'Hare
World Premiere!